We will do it when the weather is better... right now

Over the long, cold, wet winter you must have thought to yourself, "as soon as the weather is better we should..." Right? Time to take action as the blue skies are back!

What's on your bucket list? Where do you start in London? There's so much choice, even for those who want family safe activities.

We've jotted down a top ten guide to help you kick off your summer of outdoors adventures in London (with a few examples for encouragement): 

1. One castle (Hever)

2. One garden (Kew

3. One palace (Hampton Court

4. One river (Lea)

5. One farm (Freightliners Farm)

6. One lido (Highgate Ponds)

7. One park (Holland Park)

8. One theatre (More London's Scoop)

9. One vineyard (Nutbourne)

10. One water bus (Thames River Clipper)