What makes a perfect Christmas party?

What makes a perfect Christmas party?

As the days get colder and the nights draw in, it is that time of year to utter the dreaded ‘C’ word…Christmas. And with Christmas in mind everyone is thinking of one thing – this year’s office party, well that and maybe what Christmas jumper they will be donning.

So are you the designated organiser? Are you already pulling your hair out about how to make this year’s bigger and better than last, wishing that there was a recipe for the perfect Christmas party.

I wish it was that simple, but there are key elements that give your event that little something extra:

  • Date: You are never going to be able to get a date that is suitable for everybody, our top tip is to circulate a choice of dates early on and make your choice on majority rules. Just remember key dates are booked up months in advance so this needs to be your priority.
  • Venue: With so much choice within the City, focus on a specific area or style of venue otherwise your choice will be endless. For example are you looking for a classic and inviting venue such as Saddlers Hall, or somewhere a little more intimate and atmospheric where Apothecaries  Hall would be more appropriate?
  • Food and Drinks: Whether you are thinking drinks and canapes or a full sit down meal, be sure to have your budget in mind and your desired offering – are you wanting simple and classic, or a modern twist on classic festive fayre with small plates and food stalls.
  • Entertainment: This is an element that can quite often be overlooked and wrongly so, opting for the right entertainment can ensure guests get in the swing of things and very much sets the tone of the event.
  • Dress Code: Surprisingly this is one up for debate, some love a theme or dress code whilst for others the mere thought of it stresses them out, our view is keep the theme/ dress code in keeping with your venue choice as well as your business and a fun touch is to have a festive themed dress up box for the ultimate #Christmaspartyselfie. Here at Party Ingredients this Christmas season we are embracing the classic panto theme, if you are lucky enough to be at one of our events look out for our festive masks and panto paraphernalia.

So now you have our thoughts on the perfect Christmas party, have a look through our venues to see if you can find the perfect fit for you.

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