What to do this Bank Holiday Monday?

Did you ever think to yourself how green London is?


Well it is. The best way of spending your whole day discovering London's secret yet widespread countryside is walking the Capital Ring route. It's an orbital walk that weaves south of both the North & South Circular roads. Through woods, across abandoned train tracks, along the Thames, via derelict boat yards, bypassing incredible venues & palaces and, most interestingly, seeing the contrasts in London's general way of life (houses, facilities, fashion etc. Compare Wimbledon to parts of the Ealing Borough to see what we mean).

You can't do it all in one day although you could walk it over a week while camping along the way. Ideally though, you would manage one Capital Ring section at a time, have some food, then start the next section. Each section is an average of 9km taking you about 1.5hrs at an average pace. Trekking through some extraordinary parks, stately houses and roaming animals which you 1. never knew existed in London, 2. are puzzled to find so close to the city centre, 3. are all within decent transportation stations. 

Warning: You're likely to find the walk extremely addictive. You will say, "One more section won't hurt." One section won't but five sections will!

Print off the directions from the website and/or follow the signposts as you walk. If you get lost, enjoy it!

You may see these along the way:

Deer in Richmond Park

Tightrope walkers in Finsbury Park

London's last wooden escalator in Greenford.