With Christmas Day nearing, the festivities are now in full swing. Whether you live in London or are just visiting you’ll find plenty of events to help you get into the Christmas spirit. If you missed part 1 of our festive to-do list, you can check it out here. There are still events on at some of our venues up until January 2020 but be sure to plan well in advance over this busy period.

A Magic Lantern Christmas Show @ Gunnersbury

Celebrate a post-Christmas day outing with the family on December 29th at the Magic Lantern Christmas show at Gunnersbury Park and Museum. Presented by performers Jeremy and Carolyn Brooker, there are stories of exploding ships and spectacular fireworks, it’s a show you won’t want to miss.

Christmas Carols @ Royal Hospital Chelsea

If you’re looking for a good Carol service to get you into the spirit, the Royal Hospital Chelsea have open carol services throughout December on a first come, first serve basis. They have both a Christmas Carol Service and a Chelsea Pensioners Christmas Carol, check the dates and get ready to sing your heart out.

Create your own 1940’s inspired Christmas decorations @ National Army Museum

During the Second World War, Christmas luxuries were in short supply and families were encouraged to make decorations out of recyclable goods. Decorate your own 1940s inspired decorations for your own tree or to gift to the museum, sessions run from December 20th-January 4th.

Decorate the Christmas Tree @ Museum of the Order of St John

Help decorate the Christmas tree at the Museum of the Order of St John. As it’s an on-going event (2nd-21st December), you can create your own tree decoration to hang on the tree before exploring the museum with family and friends.

Ice Skating @ Queen’s House

Queen’s House’s brand-new ice-skating rink is the only outdoor rink in South London, new to the house this year guests can enjoy stunning views of the River Thames and Greenwich Royal Park. After you skate, indulge in mulled wine, tea, coffee and seasonal snacks at the rink café and fully get into the Christmas mood.