Wine and Cheese on Valentine's Day Night in with the Girls - simple interactive 15 minute meal

Cheese fondue is as interactive to prepare as it is to eat. Open a couple bottles of lovely white wine, put aside half a pint, pour everyone a glass before assigning each of your friends to a particular job.


1. Garlic friend:

One friend halves one clove of garlic and rubs the inside of the fondue pot. Heat the pot.

2. Liquid friend: 

Take half a pint of white wine and a teaspoon of lemon juice and pour into the pot until boiling. At this point lower the heat. 

3. Cheese friend:

This friend needs to grate 225g emmental cheese and 225g gruyère cheese.

4. Cornflour and Kirsch friend: 

Blend one tablespoon of kirsch or water with one tablespoon of cornflour 

5. Stirring friend: 

Slowly add the cheese to the hot wine so it melts without boiling. Add the Kirsch/Water/Cornflour mixture. When it's smooth it's ready!

All friends: 

Dip a cube of crusty bread into the hot cheese. Tip: Shadow your cube with another piece of bread like a plate to prevent drips / save cheese! Balance out the cheese with grapes and apples.

Recipe borrowed from the BBC Good Food Guide