When Japan meets Star Wars and Snails Start to Race

When Japan meets Star Wars and Snails Start to Race

So last week we focused purely on food festivals, giving our kitchen (and ourselves) a short break. This week, in order to really embrace everything London and its surroundings have to offer, we are going for something different, a bit quirkier – have you ever seen snails racing? How would you like to expand your Star Wars collection? Read further, we have put together a couple of unusual, but worth-visiting events, happening this weekend.

Star Wars Exhibition
“You do have your moments. Not many, but you have them.”
Do you recognize the above quote? Star Wars fans probably knew it immediately - it belongs to Princess Leia. If you want to relive the greatest moments of this pop phenomenon join the Star Wars celebration at ExCel London (Royal Victoria Dock) this weekend (Friday-Sunday).

Organizers are promising the ultimate fan experience with exhibitions, screenings, interactive show floor and costumes. You will have the opportunity to chat with celebrity guests like Peter Mayhew, Jeremy Bullock and Warwick Davis and add a new piece (an autograph maybe?) to your home collection. Bring your friends along and together awaken childhood memories of the ever-evolving Star Wars universe. 

Japanese #foodictionary 
Dorayaki: a red bean pancake, consisting of two small pancake patties with Anko (sweet red bean paste) in the middle;
Taiyaki or baked sea bream: a fish-shaped cake, traditionally filled with azuki beans; common fillings are also chocolate and custard;
Mochi: Sticky rice cake, sweet or savoury; cooked sweet rice is pounded to a paste and then filled with matcha, custard etc.;
Dango: Chewy grilled rice dumplings served on a stick with sweet toppings;
Kakigoori: shaved ice flavoured with syrup (common ones are strawberry, lemon, green tea) and condensed milk.


Hurry up there’s only limited number of tickets left – the last time we checked one-day tickets were £30 online, when bought in advance.

Hyper Japan Festival
If you’re not the biggest fan of a galaxy far, far away then head to Olympia, Kensington, and explore the real far East – mysterious Japan. Hyper Japan is the UK’s biggest convention showcasing Japanese culture, anime, fashion and music. 

We have a good news for all sake fans – the Europe’s largest public tasting sake event ‘the Sake Experience’ is returning again this year with even bigger array of Japanese fine liquors. Visitors have a unique opportunity to taste the high quality Japanese brews and then determine the winner of each category. After tasting, head to the Eat-Japan food court and devour classic Japanese dishes;  if you still have some space left in your stomach, follow our #foodictionary and tuck into sweet Japanese desserts.

And don’t forget about ‘cosplay’ – become the character of your own choice; create your own costume and join the COSParade catwalk show.

Walthamstow Garden Party
This weekend join the crowd at the Walthamstow Garden Party in Lloyd Park. This family-friendly and free-entry festival, celebrating Waltham Forest’s creative and cultural communities, attracted more 30,000 people last year with its unique and locally friendly programme.

Expect even bigger line-up with two music stages, international and local artists, theatre and dance performances. This year sees the launch of Keep It Free, a fundraising drive to ensure Walthamstow Garden Party can continue to invest in local artists and organisations.

Also, stop at William Morris Gallery, located right next to the Park - it is the only public gallery devoted to the life and legacy of William Morris. For a third year the Gallery and Create will curate a designer focused programme ‘Useful & Beautiful Craft Marquee & Trail’, inspired by the life and work of William Morris. Visitors will be able to practice their ceramics, printmaking or woodwork skills to get a closer look into Morris legacy. No need to book, just show up this Saturday and/or Sunday.

And a small reminder - if you are looking for a perfect venue for your next event, the Gallery is available for private hire and is also licensed for marriages and civil partnerships (for more information please click here).                          

World Snail Racing Championship
Still not convinced by our suggestions? Well the last one is a bit different and it requires you to travel out of London to Congham, Norfolk. This Saturday Congham’s cricket ground is holding the Racing Championship – to be more exact the Snail Racing Championship.                                                                                                        
Yes, it actually is what it says – two or more garden snails race around a circular track. They both start in the middle and the first snail to touch the outer circle of the ring wins. Every snail has its own racing number painted on the shell – to avoid any misunderstandings. The absolute world record is dated all the way back to 1995, when a snail Archie won the race in just two minutes.

Congham’s residents take this championship very seriously – they even have a Snail trainer, responsible for keeping order, testing for drugs and starting the races. So are you ready to cheer for your favourite? Ready, Steady, Slow! 

No matter what you do or where you go, have a good week(end). Share your experience with us #PIWeekend and/or follow us on Twitter @PartyIng123 or Instagram @Partying123