"You'll need comfortable shoes, an Oyster card and a sense of humour" - Catering team outing

On Friday we closed up the party shop a few hours early and everyone Followed The Leader (our MD, Vicky) to the DLR at South Quay. We work in some extraordinary parts of this city but Vicky wanted to us to see London like we've never seen it before. She treated us to a flight on Emirates Airline to the O2, the KPMG Thames Clipper to Tower Hill and a short walk to Heron Tower where we had a couple of drinks (it was Margaritas Day on Friday!) at Duck and Waffle.

Our adventure not only ticked-off a few London items from our bucket lists, provided a bucket-load of laughs but it was an excellent way to say goodbye to Al and James who are leaving both London and Party Ingredients to start new adventures around the country and world.