Fine Dining

For us, the balance of the menu and its harmony with the season are everything - food tastes best when it is eaten close to its source of production at the time it is at its most abundant in nature - ingredients don’t travel well on the whole, and why should they? Looking forward to rhubarb, asparagus, Jersey Royals, gooseberries, elderflower, cobnuts, chestnuts as well as our many seasonal fish, fowl and game is a constant source of culinary suspense.

We try to incorporate interesting elements of service in our plated meals to personalise the dining experience, whilst presenting elegant dishes to their best advantage.  Whether you are organising a business breakfast, a corporate working lunch, a wedding tea or a private dinner party, the tabletop is a great centrepiece to exceptional hospitality.

We had such a wonderful day and were so lucky to have a fantastic PI team - we were really able to relax completely and enjoy it! I can’t count the number of people who came up to us to talk about the food and how wonderful it was. It was so delicious! We loved the bar as well, it looked fantastic and was so well run. It’s been fantastic working with you, thank you for everything! We’ll have to think of an excuse to do it all again!

Bride & Groom - Royal Hospital Chelsea - 2018

Sample Menus