PI Delivers

  • Can I order PI Delivers for smaller numbers?

    The minimum number of guests we can cater for is 20 - if you would like to cater for a smaller number, we recommend our friends at Gladwin Brothers. Please contact Richard and tell him we sent you - you will get a warm welcome! Richard@gladwinbrothers.com

  • Can I order PI Delivers for larger numbers?

    Yes you can - the base price in your selected menu is for 20 guests, and you can add extra people from 1 to your safe capacity and extra dishes in batches of 20. See the "Add Extra Bits" section of your chosen menu for pricing.

  • Can PI Deliver outside London?

    Yes we can - let us know your postcode and we will be there - there will be an additional charge for delivery outside the M25, but we can quote in advance.

  • How does delivery work?

    Ideally, to keep everyone safe, we would like clear space to deliver and set what we can - we will agree this beforehand with our event confirmation. We will agree a time, access arrangements, and spaces to be used for set up and storage.

  • When do you collect?

    We will pre-arrange collection when we agree the event confirmation with you. We will collect and check in all the equipment we dropped with you (we expect it all dirty). We will not have the resource to collect and pack up the equipment ourselves - simply slot it all back into the boxes it came in.

  • Will you take away our waste afterwards?

    We are not able to take responsibility for the waste from your party. Please plan this beforehand with your local facilities.

  • Will you provide equipment for our own beverages?

    We can provide glassware, ice and chilling bins for your own use - there will be a small charge for the equipment, which is included if you order your beverages from us.

  • How does Covid affect my party?

    PI have been operating throughout the pandemic on meals for NHS staff and have a fully audited Covid safe production and delivery process. Our chefs, drivers and catering team are fully trained and certified fit to work, with temperature checks for every shift.

    We have Covid specific cancellation terms that may come into play in the event of a local lockdown, or an infection within your social group.

    We will agree delivery and collection procedures with you prior to the event, to minimise personal contact,

    It is your responsibility to manage your guest numbers and arrangements to host an enjoyable and safe gathering...our top tip is to do everything you can to sanitise the environment, but not the experience. Physical distancing is still required, but social interaction must be encouraged.