Party Ingredients are fortunate to work with a number of the 110 Livery companies still in existence today, along with being exclusive caterers at six of the City’s most stunning Livery Venues – Apothcaries’ Hall, Barber-Surgeon’s Hall, Girdlers' Hall, Saddlers’ Hall, Salters’ Hall and Skinners’ Hall. Over the year we cater frequently for Livery dinners, Court lunches and charity fundraisers for the Worshipful Companies.

This coming Sunday 24th June however is one of the most important dates in the Livery calendar. Also known as Midsummer Day, Sunday will see Liverymen in their hundreds turn out at Guildhall to elect two new Sheriffs.

Guildhall by City of London (Twitter)

Senior Operations Manager for the Livery Halls, Simon Robinson, gives a brief overview of the importance of this election:

Normally, one of the Sheriffs is an Alderman, who will hope to go on to become the Lord Mayor of London; and the other, sometimes referred to as the non-Aldermanic Sheriff, who has no further civic ambitions after completing his year at the Old Bailey.

All Liverymen, but not their spouses or guests, are eligible to attend Common Hall at Guildhall on Midsummer Day (24th June). Only liverymen clothed prior to May the previous year are eligible to vote, so when the election for the two sheriffs is contested, new liveryman are honour bound not to put their hands up!