The Coronation

3 May 2023


The Coronation Ceremony is a significant event in British tradition that dates back centuries. It marks the formal crowning of a monarch and is steeped in pageantry and tradition. Over the years, the ceremony has evolved, but it remains an important part of British history and culture.

‘It’s been an absolute privilege to cater for many Royal events over the last 30 years I’ve been with the company,’ says Tim Cramp, MD at Party Ingredients, who has worked on numerous royal celebrations including receptions for the Golden, Diamond, and Platinum Jubilees, as well as Royal birthday parties for Queen Mother, Prince Phillip, and Queen Elizabeth.

Tim Cramp further shares his excitement for the upcoming celebrations, ‘we British love to party and many of our clients are taking the opportunity to celebrate with friends and colleagues in the week leading up to the Coronation. From tea parties to celebratory lunches Party Ingredients will be on hand to impress and delight our clients and their guests’.

Many of the Livery companies will also be holding celebratory events as part of this summer’s Coronation season. Recently, Party Ingredients had the opportunity to cater an event in the Tower of London for the Girdlers Company, who have the honour of presenting the girdle and stole which will be worn by the Sovereign at his coronation. The dinner celebrated the appointment and the company’s past contributions to the ceremony and included a viewing of Queen Elizabeth’s girdle and stole which is exhibited with the Crown jewels.

The Coronation signature dish is also a longstanding tradition, and our own take – a  Coronation chicken terrine has proven to be popular among clientele this spring. King Charles is renowned for his support of organic farming and in-season lamb. So, what more fitting dish for a Coronation than a ‘Crown Roast of Herdwick Lamb served with Jersey Royals and Norfolk Asparagus, that we developed for our summer menu,’ shares Tim. “One of our clients has asked the Chef to parade the Crown around the room before presenting it to the guest of honour to add an element of theatre to their Coronation lunch.”


We are delighted to be supporting our clients throughout numerous celebrations across the City of London, with events such as a garden party at Saddlers Hall who are hosting the businesses in Cheapside just before the coronation. This party will feature a classic afternoon tea and champagne, fitting for such a grand occasion.

The Coronation and its associated festivities are an essential part of British tradition and culture. Party Ingredients has had the privilege of being involved in many of these events and is excited to continue to be a part of future celebrations. From the coronation feasts to the pageantry and tradition of the ceremony itself, the Coronation is an event that brings the country together in celebration of its rich history and culture.

The Coronation celebrations with all its pomp, ceremony and tradition represent everything that we love about Britain and is one of the many reasons Party Ingredients are proudly British.