Welcome to Party Ingredients

3 Apr 2023


Party Ingredients has been creating unforgettable experiences and enchanting settings for over four decades, bringing to life and catering some of the most prestigious events in London. We take pride in curating events at the most sought-after venues, from elegant Livery Halls to cosy townhouses and secret gardens.

We would be delighted to discuss your upcoming event requirements or venue-finding needs ahead of a bustling summer events season.

We hold the keys to London’s finest venues

Discover our exclusive venue partners renowned for their unique atmosphere, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces – including Apothecaries’ Hall, Barber-Surgeons’ Hall, Saddlers’ Hall, Carpenter’s Hall and St Paul’s Church.

Alternatively, our dedicated events team can find the perfect space for your event amongst our wider venue collection.

Contact us: sales@partyingredients.co.uk 020 7517 3500